Consultancy Services

External advice may confirm existing plans or may present attractive alternatives. In any case, an external specialist's review raises the confidence that relevant opportunities and risks are indeed identified and addressed effectively.


max.xs can assist you navigating through new waters or help you optimizing current efforts. With the support of max.xs' broad market knowledge and experience, business development may commence faster and be more successful. Unpleasant surprises and unnecessary mistakes may be avoided. We are convinced, that any business development enterprise gains a broader fundament, therefore more and longer term internal support and momentum, when the plans are reviewed by or jointly developed with local sales experts.    


All our services aim to give you hands-on guidance, practical advice and support in order to help you to run your business more efficiently.

Our service offer comprises:

-Market Entry and Potential Analysis

-Sales and Marketing Strategy Review and Consultancy

-Specialized Executive Search

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