Management Services

Research shows that a Top 3 reason for not entering a market is the fear that managing these activities would too much stretch management attention.


Running a business in other legal, commercial, language and cultural environments does require  management resources. After all, management need to understand the local dynamics to make valid judgements. It is also true that the operative issues that need to be dealt with tend to consume precious time: legal and administrative themes, local product design requirements, office space, hiring of staff: the list is indeed long and cumbersome.


max.xs assists asset managers with dedicated management services 'on the ground' to enable transparent decision making and to allow management to focus on main themes.

max.xs' experienced managers act as your local manager and reduce management involvement in trivial issues. Costs and project time can be reduced.


max.xs' expertise can be put to work to set up local activities, in restructuring phases or to bridge an unexpected management vacuum. 


Our Management Services comprise:

- Project Management 

- Interim Management  


max.xs can be of assitance as well when it comes to occupying the position of Independent Director or other governing roles.